Wonderplane paper airplanes are full of colours: collect'em all!
Paper airplanes to fly with your fantasy
Collection of 9 models of paper airplanes to be mounted manually by bending the lines printed on the sheet. The result is an amazing toy with stunning graphics and functionality. Completely ecological and recyclable, printed with non-toxic inks, suitable to be handled by small children. The nine models are as different as the type of construction and graphic layout.

Project, design, materials, production and packaging Made in Italy.
Collect all of the Wonderplane models!
Wonderplane paperplanes level 1
paper airplane Freccia paper airplane Topfire paper airplane Swoop
Wonderplane paperplanes level 2
paper airplane Eaglefly paper airplane Hammer paper airplane Hot
Wonderplane paperplanes level 3
paper airplane Darknight paper airplane Airskull paper airplane Barone
Wonderplane: preprint paperplane models