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Entirely made in Italy
The brand-new cardboard toy!

For the very first time Tibò is launching "Land of", a new line of adventures.
"Land of" spreads four fresh settings and a compact game set-up made of pre-shaped recyclable corrugated cardboard. Our made-in-Italy perspective gives life to a unique playing experience featuring ridable characters, cardboard cannons and much more. As always, Tibò toys promotes imagination and manual skills - children can colour and customise their constructions and the backdrops!
With this brand-new line of cardboard toys, we intend to introduce an even more complete gaming experience. "Land of" adventures represent the highest interaction between the child and the materials: this is made possible combining the possibilities and ductility of cardboard, the engineering of joints, slots, rubber bands and the introduction of more detailed characters.
Land of dreams: play with fays, princes and witches, with carriage and horses
Old witch Rosa without treat
from Miss Stella that's so sweet
wants to steal so many skills:
we need spells and magic thrills!
Pier the Prince the witch has seen
calls for Jenny to help him
she's a fay with wands of magic
for the witch the time is tragic.
Jenny soon the old crone stops
many tears the witch now drops.
Pier and Stella in love will stay
on their coach
they'll ride away.
Colour and mount your heroic characters and play with a cannon!
In this land the heroes rock
there's no battle without shock!
I am Viking the great warrior
with my armor and fierce look.
Grizzly is an armored bear
fighting strongly with no fear;
We are shooting with the griffin
Gran Dragone and Osso settling.
With the shield, mace and axe
I ward off and rout the attacks,
I will damage my enemies
Until they fall
on their knees.
The Happines is... a paperboard toy planty of objects to mount and colour
Mama Ursula is now cooking
and preparing a good cake,
for a very special sake:
Orsolina is celebrating!
Carlo Orso, little brother,
Sets the table with no bother.
pizza and chicken make a pile
Dad Orsetto will comes meanwhile
Now the kitchen smells so sweet
The cake soon is on the dish.
Honey and flowers are good mates
The family gather and celebrates
It will be
a special day!
Land of warriors: a lot of adventures to mount and live, play and mount!
King George and Oronzo the fowl
are just going for a stroll.
While galloping on their horses
they see enemies with forces!
Scudo and Nero are infuriated
go ahead and scream enraged;
So begins the great battle
a shot at this and on at that,
the dispute soon to settle.
If the tower shoots discs
the two guys run a risk.
Only one shall win and score
take the tower
once and more!
You can use it inside the Fantasy Castle
You can use it inside the Fantasy House of Dolls