build, discover, colour, play
Entirely made in Italy
Educational toys in high-quality recyclable micro-corrugated cardboard.

The Castle and the Dollhouse are to be mounted by matching the cuts and the joints in the cardboard. The subjects can be customized with the stickers enclosed inside the box.
An amazing building comes to life, where the child can play interacting characters or other toys, that will "live" inside these scenarios. The result is a construction which can be coloured by the child, made of solid, recyclable, long-lasting, high-quality micro-corrugated cardboard and which is feasible without using scissors or glue.

Project, design, materials, production and packaging absolutely Made in Italy.
decorate your toys using the provided stickers
The Fantasy Castle, use the stickers to decorate it!
You can hang the dolls house to the wall!
build, discover, colour, play