Pier Paolo Brean and Matteo Roux found the brand Tibò by giving to paper and cardboard new and exciting life.
Owners of the Turin company RB Stampa e Grafica, specialists in graphic design and manufacturing of advanced paper products, they have rehabilitated the paper with a playful and educational format.
Matteo sees a residual potential in materials that can seem old and outdated: we must wake up old items, give them a new life!
Pier Paolo finds inspiration in the daily comparison with the wonder and the curiosity of his two children and begins a series of graphic and cartotechnic experiments. In a short time, amazing and funny scenarios, characters and settings come to life. It triggers a short circuit between the old and the new, where these ancient materials are back to rock, finding their very own place in the wonderful world of children.
We create toys to revive hands making
Pier Paolo Brean and Matteo Roux
Purpose of Tibò project
Tibò is a line of toys made of cartotechnic and environmentally friendly materials, where the element of interaction between the child and his imagination is the assembly and the customization of the toy itself.
Tibò toys offers a gaming experience far away from modern technology and plastic.
We believe in the ​most spontaneous and genuine values, we want to give children the opportunity to rediscover the pleasure of playing with funny, intelligent, healthy, constructive and manual toys, made entirely from natural materials and designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy.
Project's genesis
Latest studies show that "manual activities help the brain to improve and increase the number of neural connections, promoting positive thinking."
Tibò toys are developed aiming to an experience where fun begins even before the game. The feeling of appeasement and satisfaction experienced during the building and the customizing of its toy, throws the child into its world of fantasy and play.
Parents get involved; it starts a cooperation through the assembly, and with the final result the child will acquire more satisfaction and self-confidence.