build discover colour play
Entirely made in Italy
Educational toy in high-quality recyclable micro-corrugated cardboard.

The whole toy’s scenario can be built without using additional tools, such as scissors or glue. The kit can be assembled and realized manually by children older than 4 years. The result is a toy’s scenario in black & white, which can be hand-coloured using the six markers provided inside the box. The markers have got a round toe, are washable and non-toxic.

Project, design, materials, production and packaging are absolutely Made in Italy.
Felt pens are included
The Farm: colour the animals and play with the characters
Good Armando in the morning
is already singing stunning,
when the ardent sun is rising
he is working in the garden!
Young Hippa the housewife
is just cooking with the knife
and Topetto, very smart,
is preparing for a snack:
wants to rob all the boors
apple and corn from the doors
Just to eat under the sunbeam
lying quite as a great king!
Build and colour the Pirates Vessel
Coccozoppo the vile pirate
with Alvaro his good mate,
is looking for big treasures
a chest full of gold and leisures!
Eletondo has got the map
with the hoe he wants to track
but the cunning and crafty rack
will soon come to be back.
Among palm trees and nature
war will be rough and tough
who shall win is not known
but we'll have fun enough!
The princess and the fairy: cardboard toy you can colour and build
Lady Volpe such a vain,
fragrant scented like the rain,
is just waiting in the grotto
for beloved Sir Tigrotto;
between duels and angry dragons,
battling during all the seasons,
though he's running like the wind
he'll be late in giving the ring.
Piggystar, nimble like the sand
with a flick of the wand
makes him fly like a tweet
and the two lovers meet!
Prehistoric times and the dinosaurs: a lot of adventures you can colour and play!
Under the volcano standing,
Trex is preparing for the fending.
Well-armed and not far from him
Trico is already lurking in between.
Terodosa while standing there
sees everything but does not dare
stopping the duel of this tale
between the strongest
and the most fair.
And after all this great mess
you will now already guess:
'cause this ancient and feral fight
For someone will be last night!